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Auto repairs... Oh, the joy.

wigirl's picture
on May 3, 2008 - 11:28am

Well, I took my car in to have a new muffler installed... And of course it was more than just the muffler that needed replacing.

I discovered it's not a good sign when the mechanic mentions how surprised he is that the muffler is still intact. The strap (part that holds the muffler on) was so rusted out, I should have lost the muffler quite some time ago. (Good thing I didn't)

What amazed me was the fact that nobody mentioned the fact that I'm overdue for an oil change or the fact that a hose is duct taped together - The casing around the hose is split open, but the hose is still good (it's duct taped together until my brother-in-law has a chance to see if the hose needs replacing). -- Duct tape does wonders, believe me.

Not much else new here except for the fact that it's another dreary day outside.

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