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needing some help from experienced mommies!

MJKC9397's picture
on May 3, 2008 - 4:13pm

If anyone at all has helpful advice, I would very much appreciate the input! I was sitting here sewing (naturally--have to get this order in even if it is 75 degrees outside, sunny, a light breeze, and BEAUTIFUL!!!) and my middle daughter comes in. I ask her what's up and she said that she and my other daughters were--get this--"pretending Riley [the oldest] is popular"...then she added "and we have to do whatever she wants and get her whatever she asks for". Okay, I'm slightly alarmed!!! They're only 8, 5, and 3 years old!!! Exactly what am I supposed to tell them??? I didn't really say much to Kara [my middle daughter] except that being popular does/should NOT include being a bully!!! When I talked to Riley(carefully I might add) I just told her that I really didn't like them pretending that way because we're supposed to be nice to everyone. Look, I wasn't "popular" in school. I was bullied by those who "were", to an extent. I don't like my kids even pretending to be like that! Then Riley tells me that "Sally" (name changed...yadayadayada)knows her name and instead refers to her a lot as "that girl" and that "Nancy, Bess, and George" (yep. watched Nancy Drew on tv this morning! LOL) tell her she can't play with them when she asks to play. "N, B, & G" are children of some of my close friends! Add to it that my hubby was popular in school (all-star baseball player, etc.), as were his sisters (cheerleader, etc.)--my nieces are, too...I feel, suddenly, that I'm over my head right now...Exactly how am I supposed to handle this?

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