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I'm making it....

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on May 3, 2008 - 5:47pm

an every day thing posting in this little journal here.
It was a rainy Sat., so we just took it easy.

We managed to make it through Riley's soccer game this morning. We got sprinkled on and by the end of the game I was chilled to the bone. All I wanted to do was come home and crawl under a blanket.

And.....I sure did warm up after seeing that absolutely gorgeous picture of Josh that Bryan Adams took.

Once again, I didn't think there could be a better picture of Josh out there. Words can't even describe that one. With Josh, there are all sorts of BESTS for him. Each picture is the best in it's own way. LOL!!

Well, on to other subjects. I pulled a good one this afternoon.
We have this mysterious leak in our ceiling. This afternoon I helped Robert get up in the attic and look around for it. He found nothing. But we decided to put plastic down to see if we could catch the water to see where it was coming from.

I had to go out to the storage room off the carport and climb up on a ladder to get the plastic out of this box. I had this very heavy box balancing above my head and trying to step backward off the ladder.
NATURALLY I lost my balance, but the wall caught me.

Let me clarify that.

A NAIL in the wall caught my shirt as I was falling back.

I dropped the box and grabbed the door, but part of my shirt stayed with the nail on the wall. So basically half my shirt was off. Plus...the nail gouged a huge place on my back as I went by.
I looked down and Murphy my cat was just standing there looking at me like "'re good".

I wondered if I should go get a tetnus shot because it was a rusty nail. It didn't actually break the skin that bad. But it did leave a mark...and a bruise.

After that happened I had to put my shirt back on and take the plastic into the house and climb up another ladder to hand it to Robert up in the attic.
He had to shimmy along this beam up in the attic. All I could envision was him losing his balance and falling through the roof.
Thankfully that didn't happen.
Now, if we could just find that leak!

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