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on May 4, 2008 - 5:06pm

It's been a beautiful warm and sunny day today. It feels like shorts weather(70 degrees)
I actually got out and worked in the yard today. There's one thing I dislike as much as a dirty house and that's an unkept yard. I mowed,trimmed and did some weeding with Josh's help of course. THANKS JOSH!! I needed you today. I feel soooo much better now. Wheew! Ok, I'm pooped. I'll start up again tomorrow if the weather holds out. The first cleanup of the year is a real chore but when it's done WOW! Time to go. I 'm going to get cleaned up and BBQ some chicken and corn on the cob tonight. I wish everyone Joshin night.

P.S. THANKS COLETTE FOR THE PIC. IT WAS SOOOOO MUCH BETTER THAN I THOUGHT IT WOULD BE!!! My spirits have been lifted higher today than I could have possibly imagined. Josh take a bad picture? Uhhhhhhhh I DON'T THINK SO!! LOL

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