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still up

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on May 5, 2008 - 12:42am

i got the DVD early (thanks larry and WB). what an amazing experience. the director kept josh in the frame for 99% of the film, which is just dandy, by me. the clarity was wonderful, and i don't even have hi-def tv. i'm sorry so much banter was edited out, and i do miss NWIA, but i have it on itunes, so, that's a fairly good consolation. i'm still trying to get tickets for the ellen show, but they've not yet released them. we did not get tickets for the jay leno show, and i hope we can get on to ellen. i've learned how the process works, and you don't know you'll have a seat til they actually escort you to one. so, as we wait, we're hunting for hotels. if we only get kimmel, then, we won't need a hotel. but, we're hoping.
now, i see that the dvd is going to be shown in theaters on May 15th. wonder of wonders, one of the few theaters is just up the road in san luis obispo, so, i get to go. i'm letting it be known to those i know who like josh enough to buy his cds, but not enough to leave town to see him. it'd be great to convert some of them into full-fledged fans. i'm waiting for more info before i spread the word. hopefully, i'll get it tomorrow. and then, it'll only be a short wait til we get to go see it.
still waiting to hear about the rumored August 25th concert in LA. no more news from kansas city---they've been told Warner Bros. hasn't yet chosen a venue. neither Staples, the Honda Center, or the Greek have anything lined up yet for that night. i'm just hoping that when the DVD hits the streets on the 6th, there will be an announcement that josh will be doing one more leg. he really needs to get to florida...i'm feeling so bad for those fans!!! but he needs to begin and end here in california, so i can see him two more times before the tent folds on this tour. then he can concentrate on his new CD. we'll leave him alone....
well, we'll try to leave him alone.
okay, i have to address this. there is a new photo of josh that has been plastered all over the fansite. it was taken by bryan adams, the singer, for a charity auction. now, there are thousands of pictures of josh out there, and while he looks pretty cute in almost all of them, THIS IS THE MOST AMAZING PHOTO I'VE EVER SEEN OF HIM. it's in black and white, which is way cool anyhow, but his hair is all tousled, hanging over his forehead, and he's just looking forward. he's not even smiling, but his eyes are beautiful (those lashes!!!), and he has scruff. it's just so freaking jaw-droppingly gorgeous!!! it's a beautiful picture of a beautiful man. all of them taken for this charity are great. he's one talented photographer, and has apparently done several shots for other functions. i just had to mention it, because it's awesome.

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