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on May 5, 2008 - 8:09pm

It's been a great day! I went to see Aunt Bobbie this morning. She's happy and doing great.
I came home and Dave was sleeping. I decided that I might as well take control of the tv before he wakes up. Heehee I put AWAKE LIVE on. Oooooh it felt good to sit back and enjoy the concert. I played it twice. I love days like this. They are far and few in between. I feel extremely Joshed tonight. Oh yeah!!
I had a Josh dream last night.
I didn't want to wake up this morning. The dream took place in Las Vegas. Dave and I try to go twice a year. It hasn't happened for the last three years with all that's been going on in the family. Anyway I was standing in line for the card club members desk waiting to see Sally R. Our slot hostess there. I heard some one ask what benefit there was to joining the card club. I turned around and low and behold it was JOSH!!!! I told him all about it and introduced him to Sally. I told her to take very good care of him because he's very special to me. He thanked me.
I was in my room when I heard a knock on the door. I answered and once again Josh was standing there. My heart skipped a couple of beats before I could say hello. He asked if I would like to go to dinner with him and hang out afterwards. I was more than happy to accept his invite. He told me that he would stop by so we could go down for dinner together. How sweet. The joke was on me because about the time he was supposed to stop by I heard a knock on the door that adjoined the room next to me. I debated weather to answer the door or not. I answered it. It was Josh!! His room was next to mine!! Woooow!! He laughed when he saw my face. I was totally taken by surprise. We went to dinner and the Pyramid Cafe. It was great of course the company helped. LOL We ended up walking on the strip for about an hour and just talked. He was such a gentleman. We went back to our rooms and he had asked about getting together tomorrow. Of course I said yes. I won't drag it out any further because the dream was a week long. We ended up very good friends. It felt so real and I still have those feelings from my dream. It's the best dream I have ever had.
Time to go have a great night all and don't forget Josh on GMA tomorrow.

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