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missed the boat

lindyjean's picture
on May 6, 2008 - 12:31pm

so, for the past week or so, all of us SoCal fans have been watching the ticket availability for the ellen show. well, it came up this morning, and within a minute or two, was changed to standby only. i checked it right at eleven, and there was nothing new on the site, then headed out the door to work. ten minutes later, my pal called me and said that the tickets were gone. wow, is all i can say. i was really hoping for some. we might still go down for standby, even though it means missing another day of work for something that may not happen, and i'm not sure i want to do that. i'll have to think about it. at least we have the kimmel tickets, so, i'm not too bummed. i'd be really upset if we lost out on all three shows, but we got one, so, that's good.
am loving the dvd!!! i can't wait to see it on the big screen. the theater doesn't have the ticket link up yet, but i'll keep checking. just knowing it's going to be there is enough for now. i'm luckier than so many, to have a theater only 35 miles away showing it. a lot of people in the country are missing out. maybe more theaters will show it in the future. i'm expecting it to be great, providing they can capture the clarity of the DVD on the big screen. even if they don't, just seeing and hearing it will be great. i'm trying to get some friends to go, who are not big josh fans, but sometimes, getting people to drive more than 15 minutes away from home is like pulling teeth. i want to convert them to full-fledged grobanites. sadly, one friend, who does like josh a lot, lost her dad this past weekend, so i'm not going to bother her. if her boyfriend wants to tell her about it, fine, but i won't bring it up. but others, i will let them know.

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