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Thank You!

Cupid's picture
on May 6, 2008 - 1:28pm

Well guys, you won't believe this birthday nearly got ruined yet again! After my birthday got ruined last year because of my depression, I really wanted to make up for it this year. I had actually planned to go to dinner but get this...The weather (of course) decided that it had to downpour and so that was "out". Now for the good news...I want to say a special "Thank You" to Nessa7 and FlippedOverJosh02 for their birthday wishes and for getting the "ball rolling". Thanks guys, I really appreciate it! I also received (at the same time) two birthday cards: one from my mom and one from a special friend. My mom's included money (which I really needed) and the other had a nice "birthday wish" and a picture of Josh's beautiful face on it (which of course, moved me to tears). Okay, so you're wondering about the dinner...basically my provider drove-thru and got me some seafood from Long John Silver's. Anyway, that was a nice alternative to actually going somewhere. So, thanks again guys for getting the "ball rolling" on what turned out to be a "Low-key" but still a really nice birthday.

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