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i beg you ellen

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on May 6, 2008 - 4:32pm

i'm finally listening to the CD from Awake Live.

i can't bare to listen to "In Her Eyes" it gets me upset and mad because on my first (so far the only) concert...josh passed by me singing.
i was only 2 people away from him and couldn't get closer because a VERY tall girl was blocking me on purpose so her friend could touch him.

it was very childish of her, but can't do nothing about it.

i saw josh on GMA...heard him on the canadian radio station he called this morning.
i just love how he says, "winslow."

i've requested tickets for Jay Leno...haven't heard a response.
Ellen Degeneres tickets were available and now they are on standby.
i sent my request for 4 tickets...SoCal grobies are all waiting for a confirmation on them.

i have to get tickes for atleast one show..i'm already not going to JIMMY KIMMEL!!!

also, Awake Live will be in theaters on the 15th...
there's going to be one in Los Angeles but that's all we know.
still waiting on more info.

briana and i have named this month JOSH MONTH! since there's a lot of josh going on...i'm happy that this is my birthday month as well!!

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