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another day

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on May 6, 2008 - 8:22pm

Well, it came and went without to much to do. Yeah, I am talking about my Birthday.Sadly I think Mothers day will be the same way too. Its strange how when we are kids we look forward to that day as if it was the best day ever. But now as life moved on fairly quickly, its just another day. I do admit I wish it was more special then it was. Heck, a birthday dinner would have been nice. Sure, a few happy birthdays from people, but otherwise it was a typical day for me. The only really cool part about it was that I do share a birthday with My favorite singers mom. As a Grobanite, sharing a birthday with any of the Groban family members is quite an honor. I know it won't mean to much to anyone else, but its still cool all the same.

Its been quite stressful here the last few weeks. I am enjoying being on my own and my little apartment, my the area has gotten me so down. I have always enjoyed this city as its smallness and lack of crowd seems to be such a blessing. But the more I get to know my neighbors, the more I realized how much I want to get out of here. Take for example, a few blogs ago I wrote of this unbelievably hard woman who swears the F word every chance she gets. In front of her and other peoples children's. The more I am here, the worse the situation gets with her. Last week I had an incident with her that just has me so wanting to pack my kids up and leave here for good. I went down stairs to the playground as I was told my son was getting picked on by this women's son. I told him to please not pick on my son and she has a hissy fit and starts screaming at me. Her lack of vocabulary came through once again and for some reason was upset I "spoke" to her son. We get into a little bit as I could feel myself getting upset over her lack of thoughtfulness to anyone but herself. I didn't yell, call her anything...I was just matter of fact. But I guess she didn't care and pretty much cursed me out. She goes inside and I stayed out to talk to my other neighbor who was watching my son at the time. next thing I know, she and her son come out accusing me of flipping off her son...... which is a flat out lie as I would never do that to any ones child, or to anyone for that matter. Again, she is yelling at me for something I didn't do. Her son, told her that I did, and just is shocking this kid gets away with the stuff he does. He has been suspended more times than I can count it seems and no one seems to do a dam thing about it. Sure, child services has been called out before, but they never do anything. I do not know how she beats the system, but she does. Even the local school seems to not do anything to correct this situation. It really is sad to see a child slip through the system like this. Anyway, soon after that, her son flips me off and calls me a B***h. Mind you, this kid is only in the second grade. This kid can be nice sometimes, but most of the time he is just a bully to anyone he can find. His mother doesn't even know where he is half the time. I would not have even blogged about this today, but today I discovered that this kid killed a little kitten yesterday. Witness saw this and it doesn't surprise me that he could, just surprises me that he gets away with this and no one is upset enough to do anything. This poor kid has so many issues, and needs better care than he is getting. I do not want my kids growing up around him as I am afraid what kind of influences he would have on my son. I can see a few changes in my son since moving here and it has me worried. What do I do? Sadly we live in a world you just do not know what your neighbors are capable of. This women seems like she would be in a gang, and frankly, not going to even mess with her as I really do not know what she is capable of and what she isn't. We also live in a world where you can't even talk to some one elses child without some kind of over reaction. I tell you, this world is getting more screwed up every day. Sure, I could keep my kids inside all the time when they are here, but how can anyone live like that? Especially when I live in only a small one bedroom apartment. The kids and I need room. I really do not know what to do....My first instinct is to move somewhere far from here...... Montana, or New york as I know I have people there in those places that really care. But then my time with my kids would be lessoned due to the need for them to be with their father too. Every day it plays in my mind and just want to do the best thing for my kids...and for me too. Right now, I am just stuck.........

Anyway, other than that, not much else is eventful going on here. LOLOL...Like that wasn't enough....Good news is, no other sex incidents in the fitting rooms at my work. For now anyway....

My tip for today........don't buy thongs where you work. Do you really want people you work with to know what is up your butt today????

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