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vijaykumar's picture
on May 7, 2008 - 9:10am

Hey everyone! Well I definitly LOVE the AWAKE DVD. Its just soooo amazing! It was great to relive the concert and it also was great to see him again hahaha. Even though I just saw him on GMA. I however was a little disappointed because Josh wasn't all that funny on the dvd. I mean there was a couple times but it wasn't like the concert I went to which was kinda disappointing but oh well it was still great! I watched it twice yesterday and I plan on watching it with my mom tonight since she went to the concert with me for my birthday and it was her birthday present too! :) Anyway it was great to relive the concert and so thank you Josh for the night of my life that I can re-live anytime I want to! Oh yeah did you all hear that Josh made it on the top 100 best looking people?? I was soo excited even though I wasn't suprised. We all know that Josh is way to sexy for his own good! ;) Anyway I hope you all enjoyed the dvd! I know I did! :) JOSH YOU ROCK!

P.S. Is anyone going to see AWAKE LIVE on the big screen?? I definitly am! :)

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