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vijaykumar's picture
on May 7, 2008 - 3:48pm

my internet died!!!! i haven't been able to actually write in soooo long. gosh its been lonely. nm has happened. finals week (yippee).
last night i saw my first broadway show, RENT! my dad took me n a friend to see it before it closes on june first. it was amazing! i have dreamed of bway as long as i can remember. watching "What you own" was so painfully beautiful, because i just thought that years ago, during that song Jonathan Larson ( amzng composer of rent) had to lie down from feeling sick the day he died. creepy. i took pics of signs 4 Phantom of the Opera, Wicked, Rent and a great pic of josh in a music book store. woohoo! i luv NY.

miss you all. hope to be back soon.

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