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Here is a poem for you...

vijaykumar's picture
on May 7, 2008 - 7:18pm

This poem is based off a story, which is a true event, told to me by my grandmother, who has since passed...poetry is my I write tons of it...and love to share it and give it away as a gift...hopefully to make someone's day or life a little easier when life hands them a challenge. is the poem:

The Mystery of the Emerald Throne

Hidden among the scrolled clouds
Up high beyond the stars above
There sits an Emerald throne
That captivates with great love

One who sits upon its very seat
Does not seek gain or defeat
But angels stand near to protect
The one whom we call perfect

What is this Emerald throne?
Is it growth, vitality or anew
Or something that we eschew
In doing so, are we done?

No…the emerald throne is more
For it represents the unseen door
A foundation that builds a frame
For us and the one to be the same

This is the Emerald throne
That seats upon itself the one
Protected by angels around
Lifted high above the earthly ground

Sometimes we see its beauty in sight
Maybe in a rainbow or a misty light
But it is there up high for all of eternity
Waiting for us to complete our journey

And one day when we face our account
For our deeds and promises on its mount
We will see what it truly represents
But until that time we feel not spent

In the mystery of the Emerald throne

**** EDITED to respond to comment below...****

Thank you...poetry is my passion...I could just spend my time writing, writing, writing...if you ever would like me to write you one...send me a PM, I would be more than happy to do that for you and send it to you in a PM...or mail it to you in a frame...shipping at my cost, I do not charge people for a gift...well, truthfully, I wouldn't charge anything for my poetry...I do it because I love it and it works to make others lives better...that is all the "payment" I need. :-)

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