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I just read a hilarious blog.....

Rileysmom's picture
on May 8, 2008 - 6:38pm

I found this snarky little comment on this blog about the type of people that listen to Josh's music.

It was so WRONG, that I laughed my head off!!

Basically, he makes the type of music that housewives love to play while their Yankee Candles burn after returning from getting their 3rd French manicure of the week and trying to file off their post-natal pooch in order to keep up with the other SUV-driving moms.

That, and people who want to listen to Celine Dion but just can't bring themselves to possess any of her music.

Ok...well some of it may be right. Like the Yankee Candle part.

Stupid people make me laugh.

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