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so much stuff going on

lindyjean's picture
on May 8, 2008 - 10:53pm

so, another contest.....i'm hoping to win tickets to the DVD showing, even though i already bought some. i just want to say i won something!!! and now they're giving tix for the Las Vegas show...i don't even remember who's going to be there, but, vegas is very doable for me. i can hop a plane and be there in an hour. it's not a big deal. the airfare isn't so bad, hotels are cheap in vegas, and then, there's JOSH. i could so do vegas. i'd even take my HOG. he'd go. he loves vegas. so, i have to take a photo of me with my DVD(s)...i have three of them. wish i had the poster from Borders, too, to use as a backdrop. they haven't said how long the contest goes...i might be able to get the poster before the end of the entry period, and have that, too. or, the movie poster i'm hoping to get when i go see the DVD showing here locally. i'm kind of a nut this way....
okay, so, back to earth. it's me vs. several thousands. i'm sure peeps from all over will enter. it won't be just the locals, like the PBS thing. it'd be cool if they gave away some tix the day before, like they did for the PBS show, though. oh well, not to's just the luck of the draw, and i'm better with pro-active things.
okay.....breathe....too much sugar/caffeine/chocolate or something. tomorrow's friday. yay.
my daughter just went to see Michael Buble at the Santa Barbara Bowl this evening. she said it was fantastic, that his bantering was worth the price, let alone his performing. that's good. i'm glad she had fun. she said it wasn't as PG as josh's shows. i don't think most of josh's fans want him to do a PG-13 show. i, personally, would love it, and i'm hoping he doesn't sing at Jimmy Kimmel, that they just sit and joke and be naughty for ten minutes, and that side of josh gets to come out and shine.
okay, off now.....

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