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Getting Joshed all night long!!!!!

Irishgirl127's picture
on May 11, 2008 - 1:39am

Ok I didn't realize it was so late but this is about yesterday.
It's been a great day!! I got up this morning and fixed breakfast for Dave at 2:30 am. He was hungry and i couldn't sleep. I actually enjoyed myself. I went back to bed an got up at 10:30 and away I went. I cleaned house and mowed the lawn. I was finishing up cleaning the house whe Dave's friend from work called and wanted to come over to visit. He was here for a while and asked Dave if he would like to go out to diner and spend the night then go to Emerald Downs race track tomorrow. I didn't think he would go for it BUT he did! This is the first time that I have been able to chillax(I love that word! ) since Jan. 27th. I love it!!! The nurse that owns the adult home where my mom lives stopped by and gave me a dozen pink roses, a box of chocolates(which I need like a hole in the head) a gift card to Nordstroms, the Olive Garden restaurant and to Fred Meyer! She wanted to wish me a Happy Mother's Day! She said that she knew that we were having some rough times and wanted to cheer me up. She did!! So I called Missy and she came and picked me up. We went to Nordstroms and used the card then moved on to the Olive Garden and had dinner. What a wonderful night. I'm home alone with JR and listening to Josh. I've listened to all his cd's twice now. The next move is to crawl into bed and turn on AWAKE LIVE!! It doesn't get any better than this! At least not right now anyway. I can't remember when I have been this Joshed other than when I went to his concert of course. I'm a new person. I'm feeling sexy and sassy!! Watch out world!! hee hee
I would like to wish all the mother's here at fojg a very Happy Mother's Day including Josh's Mom!
Have a great day!

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