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LEGOLAND!!!!! Josh would have

ObiWanCannoli's picture
on May 11, 2008 - 1:37pm

LOVED it! LOL He could have ridden on the dragon roller coaster and screamed like a girl! Seriously Duncan had a BLAST! From the moment we drove in and saw the huge Lego people he was enthralled with Legoland. Before we left for Legoland we stopped at Tesco (grocery store) and I was in Heaven. I love to look at all the novelties that we don't have in US that they sell here - umm like WHITE CHOCOLATE!!!!!!! Why in HELL do we NOT have white chocolate in US????? I love it! Love, love, love it! I bought a whole bunch but yes it did melt in the car while we were having the time of our lives (??) at Legoland! I put it in the fridge by the time we got home and it will be good and firm (eyebrows wiggling) when I WANT it ... heh heh. It's the same thing in Canada - they have white chocolate and WE DON'T! Grrrrrrr! Well I'll be sure to take some home with me - then I'll have to get on the treadmill TWICE a day rather than once. Oh well! Give some, take some. After we left Legoland we came back to Kate's and then went down the road to the pub for dinner. OH HOW I'VE MISSED NOT ONLY PUB FOOD BUT BITTERS AS WELL! English beer is something unique; you have a sip then you almost can't wait until you have the next - it leaves a delicious taste on your tongue that desires the next. Okay so I had two pints at dinner! I could have had another but probably wouldn't be able to walk after that! LOL Tomorrow we're going to London about 10AM ... first we're going to putter around London - look at the Tower, Buckingham Palace, that sort of thing and then possibly go to the M&G - if not then we'll have dinner together and go to see Josh at Chess. I can't wait! To go to London that is hehehehehehe!

**edited for Nessa -- it is now! LOL

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