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School stuff has the green light!!!

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on May 12, 2008 - 9:06am

I am so stoked! I finally got a major snag on my schooling taken care of and now I get to register for classes!

Business Calculus and a computer class, but I am thinking about leaving the computer class for the spring for a fluff class. I am thinking about taking financial management instead. I think that once I get some of the rough classes out of the way, I should be ready to focus on my degree classes!

I have a really cool senior project and I can't wait to work on it because it is going to be a blast!

All my focus is on 2010 for graduation and I can't get away from that, because I get a Harley for my graduation gift!

My mother's day weekend was good. I just chilled out and had a good weekend.

I also submitted my picture to win the tickets for Vegas. I think it is pretty funny! "Got Cheese?!" It would really be cool to win the tickets because I would love to see Bocelli perform as well. I adore Josh, but Andrea is really the one that got me turned on to international music!!

We are also on track to go to Disneyland for Halloween and my birthday! We are also doing a scouting trip to move to Santa Monica after my graduation.

Ok, here is what I want to do professionally- be a major gifts/grants officer for a non-profit organization on a corporate level.

Now, when I am not getting money for charity, I will be cooking, at the beach, shopping, working on my new house (when I get it), taking the kids to their stuff, shooting archery, and camping!

2010 is going to be a great year, but this year is going pretty sweet right now!

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