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6th chapter

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on May 12, 2008 - 7:16pm

They were sitting there then there was a green flash, and then the children were standing in a row in the middle of a court yard. There eyes closed, but as soon as the opened there eyes. There heads lifted up and their mouths dropped. There directly in front of them was a gigantic statue of Ralph. The statue was built in honor of something he did, but they didn’t know what. There mouths were still in awe. As they stood there looking at this grand structure that they didn’t believe to be real. They heard a voice from behind them it said “Hello, shouldn’t you three be in school right now?” Lorraine woke up from the instant shock of seeing Ralph in metal, and turned around and answered quickly “Our parents are letting us stay home today since we are not feeling so well.” After she said that she tapped Tommy and Ralph. She mouthed to them “Lets go before he talks again” As they began to walk, the voice said once again “Well at least let me escort you home.” The man from the shadows walked out into the light of the court yard, and to their surprise. He was a tall muscular man with brown short hair slightly gelled and parted on the left side of his head. He had gentle blue eyes that made him have the appearance of a young boy. But a strong lips that made him look like a man.
At the sight of him Lorraine’s mouth dropped, she went to pull out her cell phone to text her friend Alex but she quickly remembered she wasn’t going to get it. Ralph and Tommy both looked at each other. Then Tommy said “No its okay well walk home alone.” Also Ralph added to that “Our mother told us not to talk to strangers either” At the end of that the boys started walking, but Lorraine stayed stationary. She was staring at the man from the shadows. She spoke in a kind voice and said “You remind me of someone I know. But I don’t know, who.” With the two boys beginning to walk away this stopped them in their tracks. They turned around slowly but sharply to see Lorraine staring at the man, but also the man staring at Lorraine. The look in his eyes showed he was searching her face for some recognition or remembrance of someone he might know. At seeing this look in his eye, Tommy walked over to Lorraine and dragged her away from the wondering gaze of this unfamiliar stranger. But Lorraine escaped from Tommy’s grasp and went back and introduced herself, she went “Hello, I’m Lorraine.” She extended a hand. The man from the shadows then responded “Hello, I’m Asuente” He grabbed her hand and shook it gently but with a firm grip. A grip Lorraine also reconized. Tommy at this went inbetween the handshake, and in order to get them away from eachother also introduced himself. “Hello, I’m Tommy” He extended a hand, and Asuente welcomed the hand with another gentle yet firm gripped handshake. Then Ralph didnt want to be rude so from afar he introduced himself. “Hello, I’m…” He hesitated. Ralph had to think of a name, so that they wouldnt know it was him who was actually the statue. “Ryan” Lorraine screamed out. “His name is Ryan.” “Hello Ryan” said Asuente with a wave “Nice to meet you.” Ralph waved back and smiled “Nice to meet you too.” With that Ralph yelled “Lorraine and Tommy we have to get going. We need to get home now.” Ralph put special force into now to make them understand what he was really trying to say. When hearing the special emphazes in Ralph’s voice they turned around, and started walking to Ralph. But then Asuente said “You three better be in school tomarrow, I’ll be teaching and I’ll make sure your all there.” With that they kept walking to Ralph.
They were walking blindly to the exit of the court yard. When they started to walk into town they stopped. There eyes searched at all the things they did not reconize in the town they once lived in. The sight of the new town made Lorraine brake down crying it was so extremely beautiful. Tommy went over to her and put his arm around her, as they looked at the future together. The trees glistened with a certain light that was unexplainable. The Buisness buildings were taller then skyscrapers today. There were working people in every window. Sitting at desks smiling, as they did their job that they loved. The buildings were all different shapes and magnificant colors that changed with the angle you were on. There was one building that caught Ralph’s eye. It was a short akward blue old apartment. That when Ralph looked at it. He felt a part of himself in it. But he didnt think much of it. The companies names were so odd and different from names of their time.

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