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Exciting Week!

pianogoddess06's picture
on May 14, 2008 - 9:01am

What a crazy and exciting week in grobania! Congrats to everyone who won the Awake Live Screenings, it's so wonderful that Josh's talent has been taken seriously enough to be shown on big screen! Even though I wasn't there, Chess looks amazing in the few videos I have seen. I always thought that Josh's voice sounded best during the first run on Chess in New York (from the videos, I'm still working on seeing Josh somewhere besides his regular tour). But after hearing "Where I want to be" in a short clip I was blown away!

Ok, update on my life now, 13 days until I leave for the Philippines for my trip. I can finally "visualize" myself being there. I'm going to miss my family and loved ones so much since I'll be gone for 5 months, but it will be a growing experience. I'm still trying to learn the filipino language tagalog (I'm half filipino, but I never learned the language). So I'll leave my posts with a few tagalog words.

All of the grobies have such maganda (beautiful) personalities and I couldn't ask to be associated with a better group.

Salamat (Thank You) for all of your support!

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