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FlippedOverJosh02's picture
on May 14, 2008 - 7:59pm

OMJosh - it was gorJOSH today. Weather was beautiful and I got so much done! I pulled in my laundry off the line......hhhmmm mmmmmm mmmm! YUMMY and got some planters out and planted some flowers. They look SO nice; now I can't wait for graduation - my house is shaping up! With spring being so slow though, my grass looks like "you know what" so I have to be patient with that. Hubby threw on more grass seed and fertilizer and I watered. Burrr, it's getting chilly out there. I think I'll take a nice warm bath before falling into bed.

Tomorrow we have (sister)Janel's evaluation at the Hospice House - I could use some prayers!

Josh dreams~

QUICK EDIT - THURSDAY MORNING. I had to get my fill of Josh and YOU all before I get my day going....and so I checked out Josh on CNN - OMJOSH - I knew it - he is special. He's not into all the "crap" of Hollywood and of being "famous" - I love him even that possible?

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