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What an evening...

wigirl's picture
on May 15, 2008 - 9:39pm

Tonight, I saw Josh on the big screen at the Downer Theater in Milwaukee!! It was totally awesome. Had a good laugh when we arrived... Underneath the "Josh Groban" marquee to the door leading into the theater was the sign reading "Ladies" (for the ladies room). The theater was handing out free Josh premiere fliers advertising Awake Live and the theatrical premiere by the dozen. As I was walking out the door, someone just handed me a stack of about 30.

Met someone at the theater who went to a concert and met him -- He was staying at the same hotel she was! She saw him in the lobby and basically walked up to him and said "Hi" and chatted with him for a brief moment before having her picture taken with him. How cool is that??

She had the photos with her, so we got to see them.

It's definately a night to remember.

Josh dreams!!

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