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crazy weather

laurel's picture
on May 17, 2008 - 5:49pm

It is insanely hot here today I had to go and retrieve the fan from the basement. 29 degrees celsius [88 F] and muggy,it is evening a it looks like a storm could be brewing in the southwest .This is usually July weather so it is disturbing to be seeing this in May.It is a long weekend in Canada,Queen Victoria B'day,[we are still part of the British common-wealth]and usually we get snow and cold on this weekend.My husband just planted a new tree in the front yard in memory of his sister who we lost last summer[she was only 44],so I hope a strong wind doesn't develop and blow it over.He always buys trees that are quite grown so we can enjoy them faster,this one is a variegated maple and about 12 feet high as a "new born" [ha ha].It will be lovely full grown.
My daughter has just returned from work and asked if I would take the tortoise outside with her to give him and us some exercise so I shall do so before it storms.Edward [yes she named him Edward Norton after the actor]will be quite excited as he loves to eat the leaves off the dandelions.We do use natural predators and dig to kill our weeds and pest [all natural in this yard]so eating the plant life in our yard is one of his favorite past times.We still have to make sure he doesn't eat harmful vegetation and it took a lot of research to make sure we had nothing of that sort in the yard.We love our Edward.

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