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on May 18, 2008 - 10:08am

Yesterday I bought a Sony Walkman Video Player thinking great, now as well as listening to Josh on my way into work, I can watch him as well. Only, there's a problem, can I get any of my video files to transfer onto this thing NOPE!

I have been messing with this thing all day on and off (I have to keep going away and thinking nice thoughts of summery meadows with butterflies) and yet it still won't do it. I've transferred all my music files, all my picture files no problem at all, but video files it just will not do. It looks like they have transferred but when I try to view them on the walkman all I get is HA HA FOOLED YA AGAIN. Okay so it doesn't say that exactly, but it may as well do. The instruction booklet seems simple (don't they always) drag and drop that's what it says, that's what I've been doing but still to no avail. I'm probably doing something exceptionally stupid. (I have on occasion been known to be as thick as a brick where electrical items are concerned). But it will not beat me! I may have lost the battle for today, but tomorrow is another day (where I can get help from the IT guys at work) Yes, I know that's cheating but hey, this is Josh on video I'm talking about I need them on my grrr Walkman, to help me destress on the 1.5 hour bus journey to and from work. I'm certainly going to need it after my 2 week break.

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