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on May 18, 2008 - 7:43pm

Well, I wrote this when it was going on 6 in the morning and it feels like I have been up for all night. Actually its because I have been. I have had so much on my mind last night that sleeping just didn't seem possible. Learned some new things last night and it has my mind in so much turmoil. I don't know how to really put it into words why, but did my best to.....

Why are some people not who they say they are?

Why do hearts often break?

Why does the truth remain so far?

Why does a persons love ever feel like a misstake?

Why do friends have to suffer with pain?

Why does our journey seem so hard to climb?

Why do we have to ask our selves if we are still sane?

Why do we still doubt the treausres we do find

Why is a word or a promise ever go unkept?

Why do priorities seem so lost?

Why do we count all the tears that are wept?

Why do we let our hearts ever be covered with frost?

Why do we build walls to keep others away?

Why can a smile be so hard to keep?

Why does love seem so hard to stay?

Why is this hurt so very deep?

Why do men and women love so differently?

Why is there a need to hide?

Why can't people learn to truly see?

Why do we have to keep everything inside?

Why do we wait on things we should do today?

Why do we forget that tomorrow may never come along?

Why is there always so much to say?

Why are are words like a heart breaking song?

Why can't we see the hurt we cause another?

Why can't we stop this needless act?

Why can't we let our souls be so uncovered

Why do we always feel we have to watch our back?

Why is the unknown so hard to face?

Why are people afraid of what they may find?

Why are our past misstakes so hard to erase

Why are people sometimes unkind?

Well, I could go on and on with this. I started this as a way to describe how I am feeling. Just feels like endless thoughts running in my head right now and really not sure how to deal with any of it. Maybe I will add more at a later date when I am not so emotional and tired......

Take care to all my friends....

Big Grobie hugs to ya all!

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