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storm a comin'

laurel's picture
on May 20, 2008 - 3:36pm

We are going to get a thunder storm here today.It is so muggy and close that I pray we don't get damaging winds with it.This is crazy weather, for my neck of the woods,for the month of May.Usually we are concerned about snow and wet,rainy weather rather than electrical storms[that is usually July weather here].
I stayed up and watch Josh on Jay Lenno last night and that young man better take some time for himself to recover.He still was handsome but looked so tired and burnt out.I hope he takes some down time and forgets about the world for awhile.I mentioned in an earlier post that I thought he looked tired and now I am a little concerned for him as he looked even more tired than the last time I saw him.He needs a good relaxation massage and about a weeks sleep I think.

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