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Time For Another Journal Entry

catwizard's picture
on May 20, 2008 - 10:51pm

This is something that I am getting a kick out of. It asks in adding a journal entry what I am listening to. Who else but Josh!!! I mean I could play something else, but then would I be disloyal to Josh? Maybe Josh is checking some journals to see what other music his fans listen to. I admit that Josh got me hooked on Imogen Heap because he wrote a song with her so I bought a CD of hers and can see why he would choose to do a song with her. She is phenomenal--I especially like the song Headlock. I did already know about John from Five for Fighting and that the group broke up, but didn't have the CD John was grammy-nominated for. Because Josh wrote a song with him I bought the CD and it's also phenomenal--I like the song Superman,especially. Of course, Josh would have good taste in music besides his own. I loved it on the Awake Live CD when Lucia played Kashmir by Led Zep. She is also a force to be reckoned with. In my next entry I will have to list my favorite musicians besides Josh. I will always love Josh and his music, but maybe he checks our journals at random even though he's so busy. It's interesting that others are reading our journal entries--others being Josh and other fans. It's late so I will end this. Goodnight Josh wherever you are and fellow Grobanites. FYI: I was temporarily insane when I suggested that Josh's female fans should call themselves Grobanbabes a few entries back. LOL

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