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And kitten makes three

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on May 21, 2008 - 8:27am

We finally did it. Last night, my fiance and I went to an animal shelter near his house to look at the cats. We'd seen some good-looking ones on, and the only thing left to do was to meet them and see how they interacted with us.
We never made it to see these cats, though. There was a cage out front with a mother cat and four kittens. The mother and three kittens were solid white, and the other kitten was solid black. We took the black one out to play and loved her more every second. And she seemed to get used to us. She screamed and squirmed at first, but soon was walking from lap to lap, chewing my fiance's knee and my fingers. (It didn't hurt; she barely has teeth yet.) Long story short, I wasn't expecting to adopt anyone last night, but we came home with this tiny (she's about the size of my foot!), two-month-old black kitten. We named her Lilith but have also been calling her Lill and Lily - anything to help her learn her name.
My fiance gave me a stuffed monkey for Valentine's Day, and we were going to put it by Lilith's basket to give her something soft to sleep with - she's used to sleeping in that nest surrounded by her brothers and sisters. But those preparations turned out to be for nothing. As she started to fall asleep in our living room, my fiance carried her to the bedroom and put her on the bed for the moment. She snuggled next to him in a space between the pillows and the sheets, and stayed there all night. She slept more peacefully than I would have expected (I guess sleeping next to us reminded her of sleeping with her family), but I had the worst trouble sleeping. I was afraid I'd accidentally hurt her, afraid I wasn't up to the responsibility of having a pet, afraid we'd taken her too young...It did help when I could feel her purring next to me. But when I left the house this morning, she was running around the bedroom, afraid of our mirrored closets and what she perceived to be the other cat who was in her space and trying to steal her food - I don't think she understands about mirrors yet.
Sorry it got so long - I'm a new pet owner and in full-on gush mode. Besides, this does pertain to Josh. My fiance said she can keep me company while he's at work this weekend. Maybe I'll put the Awake DVD in and show her who Josh is.

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