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Chess cd/dvd

vijaykumar's picture
on May 21, 2008 - 10:09am

Rumors around Grobania insist that there will be a "Chess" dvd/cd released,along with a television special. Since Josh's potential theater career was diverted by his debut album and burgeoning music career,it is always a special treat to see Josh get to indulge his passion for song and stage. I haven't heard of any exact dates or air times,but I'm sure as things become more definite,we'll find them out. Judging by the YouTube clips of Josh's "Chess" appearance alone,the release will surely prove to be nothing but the best,the extraordinary we've come to expect from Josh. Every day I thank God that He gave Josh this wonderful passion and talent and the means to share it with others. Josh's voice isn't just his meal ticket,but his calling and true purpose in life-to touch others and allow them to heal in this broken and cruel world. Sometimes I close my eyes and hear the doorbell...I open the front door to see Josh standing there,waiting to greet me. But I know in the real world that will never happen. And that's ok....just holding on to the fantasy is enough.

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