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just my random thoughts

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on May 21, 2008 - 7:37pm

Ok, now, as you all know, I am a huge American Idol fan and pretty much watch it religiously.This year has been quite an amazing year for talented singers as so many were so deserving to be in the top 10. Its even more amazing that tonight is the finale and both the contestants are equally good. I wouldn't mind either one of them winning, but my heart is really set on person. DAVID!...... Ok, ok.... I guess I need to be more specific. Young David is my favorite this year as he truly has the best vocals of them all. In a way he reminds me of a young Josh Groban as Josh himself started off at 17 as well. I know that is probably why some of the Grobanites are supporting him 100 percent. Ok, I know some will argue for Cook and that he is "original" or what not. But really, he isn't original by any means. I hear Cooks type of music every single day on the radio. That's all what airs mostly around here. So, I can't see the original at all about him. Don't get me wrong, love his style of music too, but his music would play more than young Davids would. Archuletta is more the original one if you ask me. If this is suppose to be a singing competition, Archletta SHOULD win tonight. WE should be voting on vocal performance, since it is a singing competition, not popularity. Although, you could argue that both are quite popular. But either way, its gonna be goooddddddddd!!!!!!!!I can't friggin wait.

Ok, so I watched a really stupid show the other night. I was bored enough to actually watch the bachelor....or was it the bachlorette. Anyway, this lady had to find her mate out of 25 men. God, all I can say is the stupid things men can do just to grab her attention. Now I am all for men trying to get attention for a woman's affections, and God knows, more men need to be creative on making there women feel special and all, but all I get from this show was lets see who can take this woman to bed first. These guys acted like she was a prize to be won. I thought our society was moving past that stereotype. Guess not. The other show where a man has to pick from 25 women is just as lame. What women in her right mind would make herself compete with other women for one man and stand by and watch? How can these relationships even have the slightest chance of ever working out? I am sorry, but what people call entertainment is just questionable if ya ask me.What people do to get someone is beyond me. What happened to just good ole taking your time to get to know someone? Its a surprise that actual proposals come from these shows. They are doomed!

Ok, now another show I watched today is the view. I actually like that show as it is always entertaining to watch these ladies go back and fourth on there opinions. Most of the time it is down right funny. I love whoopies thoughts on things. She is hilarious. But today, it grabbed my attention as one lady, who happens to be single blurted out that all men from New York can't be faithful. Now, as anyone who knows me, and reads my blogs knows I have a special friend who lives in New york. Obviously, that would grab my attention.But the more I listened to this women talk, the more outrages she sounded. Now, unless she has dated every single person in New York, how the heck would she know. She pretty much made men out to be some low life people that can't be trusted! That is bull****! She also went on how the man she wanted and needed to be would have to be honest, funny, loved his parents, loved kids, as equal to her, successful, and so on and so on. She had quite a list. I thought, how can any person, weather you are a man looking for a women or a women looking for a man, put such high expectations and labels on people before even meeting them. Its one thing to have standards, buts its another to think there is actually that one person who would meet all those "requirements"....Its not realistic. What bothered me the most is that her ideal man had to have a job very successful. I think that's alot to ask for as I think there are lots of good men that may not want the high life style that she thinks are important. Out of everything she went on about, she didn't once mention she wanted her mate to be honest in his feelings and his love for her.Once upon a time I use to think that having a high paid job meant that I was successful and that I was accepted into society.I thought that's what we were suppose to live up to. But then I heard one man speak one day that he had that kind of life but wasn't happy. One day he lost his job and had to settle for a job in a coffee shop serving coffee. It turns out, that job made him more happy then anything. Instead of the high paying job he was raised into believing was his dream, he went for the simple job with no fancy titles that made him happy.I think if a person can follow there dreams like that, then I believe they would make a great partner for someone.I do not believe anyone is too good for ANY job. If it makes you happy, then more power too ya.Some times the best mates are those who are just simple folks trying to make an honost living.... I just can't see anyone not willing to open there eyes to the possibilities that your partner could just be a simple person that loves a simple life.

Anyway, my mind has been thinking way too much these days....Its almost IDOL time for me, so better get ready....Hope you all have a blessfull day.

You are loved.....

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