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May 15, 2010... the Countdown Begins!

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on May 22, 2008 - 7:18am

Yes! The advising went extremely well! I have my summer schedule and my fall schedule.

It is official! I have been accepted to the school of business and I am in my chosen major!

I am on track for graduation, but these classes are going to be rough!

Things are falling into place for school and the secret senior project that is actually underway. I will be able to say more about it in November, so stay tuned! I can't wait to tell everyone about the project!

Ok, I am going to start a new little thing here on my journal called Chloe quotes! Chloe is my 5 year-old with infinite wisdom!

Chloe quote of the day-

"Momma, Josh is cute but Tariqh ROCKS the house!"

How can you go wrong with that one?

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