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on May 22, 2008 - 1:36pm

I have had a fantastic day already!! I got up at 9:30 and lounged around for about an hour and a half. Missy called and told me that the gas station down the street from us was giving away gas and food. We just had to be one of 200 people. Guess what? I was cleaned up,dressed and out the door in 7 minutes. Dave followed about 10 minutes behind me. We both made it in line. I made it there at 11:20 and got through the line by 12:40. I took Josh along to keep me company. I love his company. Now if he were only here in person. LOL It was worth it!!! They filled up my tank. Yeah baby!!!! What a way to start my day. Well, it's time to get some work done now especially while I have all this energy.
I hope everyone is having a nice day.

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