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on May 23, 2008 - 6:26am

I figure this is a safe enough place to vent my frustration at what I have been seeing lately instead of on the boards where you are really not that free to voice your opinion.
I was proud to call myself a Grobanite but lately I have mixed feelings about being lumped in with some of the actions of fans that I have been seeing.

I really have an issue with the people who try to see Josh before and after appearances start yelling at him (I know the paparazzi does it but I mean his fans - I have witnessed it first hand), grabbing for him, etc.
I am not sure why people must act so rude just to get a glimpse, autograph or an acknowledgement from Josh.
I know people will say "It's easy for you to say that because you already met him" and basically hold that against me but I truly felt like that BEFORE I got to meet him. Also, meeting him is not all that it is cracked up to be - if you are in a backstage environment it is a really fast moving experience and meeting him when he signs after concerts, appearances does not give you much of a chance to converse with him for the most part this rarely happens. Don't get me wrong I would not give up my experiences for anything in the world!

As many times as I have got to meet Josh I have stepped aside to let fans that have not had that opportunity get their shot at meeting him.

I think we have to get to a place as fans where we let Josh come to us and greet him as warmly as he greets us. He truly loves his fans and defends them quite a bit in the media and he really is up on what is being said on the boards.

I am also gonna say one thing and I am sure it might not make some people happy but here it goes - when he was being interviewed by Jimmy Kimmel he had stated that he got to go to the Tool concert and be in the mosh pit and it allowed him to be completely anonymous, he seemed so happy about this opportunity.
So what does someone do on the boards - they talk and post a picture of him from this concert. Couldn't we have at least given him this special moment without posting it all over the boards? That just irked that crap out of me when I saw that.

Anyway - I am so in love with all this man brings into the world and I just want him to be able to enjoy his fans and still be proud of what they represent.

Steps off soap box.

Happy Friday to everyone.

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