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I'm home ... and other oddities

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on May 23, 2008 - 6:31pm

Well ... we made it back safe and sound. I decided to go back to work on Monday (last Monday) since we landed around 2PM Illinois time and I was able to get to bed around 9PM (which was around 3AM London time so I was good and tired!) and got a good rest. Wow did Emma and Allie miss both Duncan and I!! Emma met us at the airport and grinned like a crazy baby when she saw Duncan and then myself! It was very cute. We talked Kyler's ear off and he missed the exit for I55 so we had to go all the way to I80 which added around half an hour to our trip but it didn't matter. Anyway, it was pretty good to get back to work on Monday - happy to discover that I still had a job! Anyway, work was happy to have me back since it had been busy and Jessi was by herself. Anyway, the week went by quickly and I am happy about that - the fact that Monday is Memorial Day and there's no work makes it all the sweeter! On Wednesday Dr. Bryan called the office around 9AM and told me that two of the highest up bosses in Edward Medical Group had been FIRED the day before! It turns out that Pam Davis, the head of Edward Health Systems laid off 92 people in administration so that they could save money to build the hospital in Plainfield. Whoa ... made me worried about my own mortality there at EMG. Dr. Smith assured me they were done "laying off" for the year so I shouldn't worry and if he says it then I can believe it. Mary the nurse had her shoulder surgery the day I left for England and she told me she had been in so much pain that she didn't want to live! I felt awful and gained a new respect for our very own dear Carol (Tigurgirl) who had a similar (if not the same) surgery last year! I have to get a card and send it to her and tell her how brave I believe she is - oh God poor Carol and poor Mary!

Well there's more drama in my life - big surprise, eh? I'm sure you're shocked. Anyway, the landlady decided that she was going to make a visit here to the townhouse to show her REALTOR around - apparently the betch is putting the townhouse on the market which is a blatant hint that we need to get out. Well I knew we were going to have to move eventually - I'm just lazy and didn't want to initiate it. It's for the best anyway, there are too many of us here in this place and we for sure need a bigger place. Well I was talking to my ex and after I said we needed a bigger place he said he needed a smaller one and then he said, "Heyyyy ...." Well I knew we couldn't afford $2,000/month rent so I said yeah too bad but then I thought about it - and we pay $1300 now - Mike gives me $300 and Caryn gives me $100 a month BUT I talked to Caryn and Mike and if they both were willing to give me $350 then we COULD afford it! They were thrilled and said YES! So I called ex and told him and he said "that would be all fine and good but my mortgage is $2800/month" WHAT?????????? $2800???? I asked him how the hell he could afford that, he said he couldn't which is why he'd love to move. I asked him why he hadn't put the house on the market sooner and he said he couldn't afford to repaint and whatnot to get it ready to show. He said every month he pays for food and gas on his Discover card but that was even difficult to pay. I told him if there was a way he could get the mortgage down to two grand that we would be happy to live there. He said he would try ... what? My ex doing something FOR me? No effing way! The cool thing is that the house we bought together is 2700 square feet, 4 bedrooms, 2 full and one half bath, living room, dining room, formal living room, huge kitchen, full basement, two car garage, and about a quarter of an acre land. Each of us could have our own rooms, Duncan has friends there, it's not far from Kyler's work, not much further from mine and still close to Caryn's work and Char's job too! With my luck I won't be able to get it ... and I'm already frustrated. I am trying to get myself to NOT get my hopes up but it's difficult not to dream! I keep sending him ads for nice places he could rent-to-own where I know he'd like it. Heh heh ...

I took Harley to the vet tonight for his urinary problem - and $230 later I found out what I already knew -- that he's got a bladder stone and needs surgery. Well ... the surgery is going to cost between $850 and $1,000!!! OMFG!!! I love my cat desperately, he's my oldest boy and not close to being old age and ancient but I cannot afford a thousand dollars for surgery which now makes me feel even worse considering I KNOW what's hurting him and yet I'm helpless to do anything about it. Wonder if I could start a HARLEY fund and have people donate to his health and welfare. It's killing me, really, really killing me. I feel awful for him urinating blood all the time. It must be hurting him so badly ... *sniffle*

Oh! I sat Emma on the toilet for the first time ever today! Now she loves to sit on it, but that's a good thing -- she'll be potty trained in NO time!

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