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I FINALLY watched Kimmel yesterday

ObiWanCannoli's picture
on May 26, 2008 - 7:19am

and I have to admit I sat a bit red-faced and certainly NOT because of what Josh said or what Kimmel said - even the tattooed girl (what was her name Kat?) was tame compared to ... the fans that were in the audience. I don't know if this topic has yet been broached but I'm going to say some things here that I'm praying will not offend anyone but only serve to cause people to think maybe ... What was up with that "effing Josh Groban" sign? I realize that it was a take on the "effing Ben Affleck" thing but that was I'M effing blah blah - this was "we're" and Josh while he's usually a good sport about things looked utterly humiliated. Oh come on ladies ... lets face it; some of us are OLDER and when Josh goes on a talk show and spends his whole time talking about how "weird" and "crazy" we are then he's trying to tell us something. I think he's asking us to chill. I remember reading an article in the ENQUIRER once or maybe it was another one of those rags but it said something about JOSH GROBAN'S GROUPIES and it showed a pic of Sunshine and her tattoo. Okay come on girls ... he's 27 -- does he really want papers showing pics of his "groupies" featuring older women? Can you imagine his friends holding THAT in front of his face? Yeah cuz John Mayer’s “groupies” look like Jessica Simpson and Josh’s look like … US? I’m NOT trying to upset anyone about the way we look because trust me I’m NO Jessica Simpson but there’s a certain etiquette I think we need to adopt and it needs to start now before Josh starts running the other way when he sees us. He’s very kind, respectful, and generous when it comes to his time after shows and I’d hate to see that stop because we give him a sinking feeling when he sees us – like a punch in the gut.

I will never EVER tell anyone HOW to act – because I don’t want anyone to tell ME what to do – I’d like to think I have the sense to know – and no this isn’t age talking ladies because I’ve been this way for a while but we’ve got to come to a determination about how Josh is going to see us when we’re out and representing him in a studio audience … holding up a sign like that just exhibits an immaturity that even teens might be too embarrassed to show in public. I’m sorry ladies, I was embarrassed to see it and if I was embarrassed – remember who is saying this – then I’m sure JOSH wasn’t amused. I’m the first person to tell you to be whom you are but that doesn’t mean to be an ass in public and humiliate the man who has given to his fans more than any other singer that I’ve ever been involved with. He’s good to us – let’s be good to him, yes?

I LOVE YOU LADIES AND I'M TRULY SORRY IF I'VE UPSET ANY OF YOU BUT THIS IS JUST HOW I FEEL. I represent no one but myself in this. I did this of my own accord and free will. Hate me if you will but this is how I feel after watching that show and seeing Grobies behaving badly - I was mortified and ashamed.

**edited** Thanks guys and I don't want to upset anyone but we are going to scare him away and send him running if this keeps up.

**edited again** Now I'm wondering if it was Kimmel's intention to make Josh look like a doofus OR if his true intent was to make US look stupid TO Josh ... great, that's awesome. Thanks Kimmel ...

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