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What to do......

vijaykumar's picture
on May 26, 2008 - 6:02pm

So...i have decided that i really dont want to be a ive been thinking about becoming a hairstylist. Im a creative/artistic person, and it seems to be a job that at times allows one to express their creativity through the design of hair....but im afraid that maybe it wont make enough money...or that people wont find it to be a "respectible" job...i think what im most worried about is my dad thinking something like that since he seems to only be happy with the idea of me going through years and years and years of college to get a masters...i dont want to do sick of school i feel like ive been in it forever...i want a carrer now, that doesnt require me being stuck in a class room all day with a bunch of little kids/teenagers who dont listen to me! I just dont know what to do. At this rate my wedding is going to have to be pushed back yet again....and im so tired of pushing it back! Why cant finding a career that suits you be easier then this? Im going crazy here : (

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