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on May 27, 2008 - 12:52pm

so, after a flurry of josh appearances, it's time to take a breather...not that i was involved in much, just a couple, but, still, you get caught up in the frenzy and feel like you've been thru the wringer, even when you've stayed home.
people are getting nasty on this's just been in the last six months or so. i've been caught up in it, and am not pointing fingers, but it just seems pervasive. it's going to be hard to break the habit of being on here so much, but it's necessary. i'll be gone for two weeks in july, and just thinking about the absence from my computer is enough to give me the shakes. i don't have a laptop, and don't think i can convince my HOG to let me take his along on our trip. it's his work laptop---it was issued to him nearly 2 years ago, and it's never been out of the case and turned on. he has a regular computer in his classroom, and he uses that. what a waste!!!
so, it's been ugly here. people are snippy. no one can take a, "live and let live" attitude anymore, it seems. everyone wants to be heard, and when we all speak, someone else gets their nose out of joint. but even so, most of the peeps here are wonderful, and i'm not stepping back because of the cattiness. and, even though i SAY i'm stepping back to regain control of my life, we'll see how far i get.
for the first time, i get the summer off. i work for a school district, and i'm not gloating, really. i'm just so tickled. i don't get paid, of course, so that sucks, but, i'll be off, which allows my husband and i to take a trip lasting longer than a few days. previously, i worked in an office where i accrued very little vacation time. now, we have two months to get out and see someplace. we picked chicago---we have a chance to stay in the empty house of some friends who aren't using it, and while chicago would not normally be my first choice in destination, i'm up for going anyplace i've never been, and we plan on tacking on some miles in the rental car. we'll go see as much baseball as we can (sox, cubs, brewers, maybe the tigers), and even some minor league stuff. i love museums, and apparently chicago has some great ones. i like to see the countryside and my HOG likes to listen to jazz. we'll do a lot of compromising and bartering for our favorite things.
i know it'll be hot and humid, something i'm not used to living here, where we rarely get above 80 degrees in summer. so, lots of water, lots of bugspray. and benadryl, in case i miss some spots with the bug spray...

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