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Long days at work

laurel's picture
on May 27, 2008 - 2:40pm

I am fortunate that I have found my place in my new job.After some growing pains in the hospital where I work things are finally starting to fit together.I do however,have some difficulty at this time as there is not enough of me to go around.I have always pursued on going education and courses through out my services in private clinics,therefore, I bring many skills to the rehabilitation department that they didn't have to access before.I am now officially too busy for my own good.I now have not only the exciting positions of patient care but I am teaching staff as well.I am heading classes for gradient compression bandaging for clients with swollen limbs[mostly due to cancer]and find in very rewarding and the staff seem quite interested and like how I teach.I am also very involved in student practicums as well and today I was included in a meeting to discuss charting and patient bookings proficiency.I love what I do very much but my true heart lyes with patient care and I won't give that up ever as there were hints of them changing me to strictly a teaching position.My husband is cautioning me to not get too over whelmed and to not take on too much,he knows me way too well and I will keep too busy as that is how I love to be [it's an escape for me for a some what quiet life as my hubby is very shy and reserved].

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