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** David Foster @ Friends**wow!!

vijaykumar's picture
on May 27, 2008 - 9:13pm

Well I just got back from Vegas
on Sunday and I am on cloud nine!!! I have waiting for this
concert dedicated To David Foster to see Josh Groban,
Andrea Bocelli and Michael Buble and David Foster all on
the same stage....Well that was
a dream come true for me.I am
a true fan..with a true passion
for music and for the artists.
Music is everlasting and inspires others in their lives.
Well this was a four hour concert and they didn't let the
audience down.Their voices were
superb...they sang so beautifully...I can't wait for
this dvd.I had a floor ticket
and was fortunate to move up
to row 1 when Josh sang YRMU
cause someone left..They kept
Josh for the last performance.
I met Brian Avnet and David
Foster....They are such nice
men who really appreciate true is true be patient
I am so happy I got to tell
DAvid how much I appreciated
his contribution to the music
industry and for all the
charity work he dies.He just
helped raise 12 million dollars
in Feb.for a hospital in toronto.I am Canadian,so proud
of what David has accomplished.
I didn't get to meet Josh..but
that is along as he
is safe ..that is Darren's job
I want to thank all the kind
people I met at the meet and
greet at Luxor..I had such a
great time .I will cherish
this trip 4ever.I can't wait
for the dvd.
ps my friends of josh groban
message board is not working
boo hoo..I wish they would fix all of you are lucky
who can get in.


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