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Summer Plans!

Rileysmom's picture
on May 29, 2008 - 3:31am

I bought this multicolored float. My summer plans are for my backside to be lying on that float in our pool in between working a little and running the kids back and forth to their amazing summer activities.

Wow....I wish I were MY kid. Trips to summer camp, trips to the beach...camping with friends..grandmas. What a life they lead!

Really I'm off next week for a bit. We don't have any real plans at the moment. Saving for a hum dinger of a trip next year. Paying off that damn barn in the backyard. I do love that barn though. What's hilarious about that barn is....I wanted it for storage, but the underlying reason Robert wanted it was to have a special garage for his most prized possession. I take things to store out there, but they can't be within 5 feet of his Harley. Don't think I don't have your number mister. I know one of these days....I'm going to bring the stairs down to the upper level and .....we're going to have an insurance claim to file.

We will attempt a possible camping jaunt to the mountains. Every summer I have to have a few days in the mountains......getting my nature on.

My mom mentioned something about taking a drive down to Arkansas to visit her 9000 family members. Boy....can't wait for that trip. I'm hoping she will give me ample notice so my anti-depressants will have time to kick in. Have you ever been to Siloam Springs Arkansas? It's a big ol bunch of nothing. Each time I visit, I vow it will be my last. It was charming as a kid. Swimming in the creek, going to grandmas non air conditioned house, making ice cream, seeing cousins. Now, the creeks are poluted by Tyson Chicken Co., grandma's gone and my cousins are either in and out of jail or moved out of Arkansas. I guess we could still do the ice cream.

Bottom line for me is it's going to be a low key summer. No major trips....just taking it easy on my multi colored float in my little pool in my backyard. Leave a message..... I'll get back to ya!!

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