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the straight jacket

vijaykumar's picture
on May 30, 2008 - 7:47pm

the branding...the hero-worship... its all just too much. is it too late to go indy? :P just kidding WB.

from the details article:

"Seven years into his career, as sales of Josh Groban CDs and DVDs push 23 million units, the image of him that’s being marketed to the world is beginning to feel like a straitjacket. “People will see a poster of me walking through the desert with, like, a who-can-have-the-most-serious-stare-contest stare on my face,” he says, “and I sing a lot of songs that are very serious, my voice is classically trained . . . ”

That voice does, of course, lend itself to a certain schmaltziness (that’s why every damn time you stepped into a Starbucks last December you heard Groban’s version of “Silent Night”). He knows that regardless of what he wants for himself, his fans want to be moved. They want to be . . .raised up. “My head and my voice are, a lot of times, fighting each other,” Groban says."

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