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Stress and Taxes

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on May 31, 2008 - 4:27pm

Not so bad as "death an taxes"... but WOW.


Got a notice from the IRS... thanks to post office mishap 3 years ago I didn't get a form for one of mom's bank accounts. The punchline? SURPRISE! I owe a ton of money to good ol' Uncle Sam.

Work? Projects breaking all over the place and no money to fix them. Translation? I get to "donate" way too much time this weekend.

Skating? Would be going good except for that my coach, who I've been with since high school and is practically family (she was the 2nd person to hug me after mom died) is very seriously ill. No one even knows quite what happened either! She got back fom a business in some sort of a fugue state: she doesn't know who she is, where she is, etc. and needs 24 supervision. I haven't even been able to see her or her husband to find out what I can do to help... I found all this out yesterday morning when she didn't turn up for my lesson for the 3rd day in a row.

And to make matters worse the ice is out for the next two weeks! I can't even skate off my stress in her honor!

So yesterday was a challenge to stay OP... and I didn't really rise to it. I didn't even make the full 8 hours at work: I cam home halfway through the day and just sobbed myself numb. But today we are back on the wagon: my coach (a WW Lifetimer!) would *NOT* want me to relapse over her so I am determined to be in better shape when she gets well again.

... but I totally claim the right to a good long cry followed by an in-home spa night with Awake on the big TV.

(PS Oh yeah... I should also vent that not one, but BOTH of my car's headlights went out on me. I discovered this when the "nice" policeman pulled me over... *cry* Josh? Make me forget about this week!)

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