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on June 1, 2008 - 9:22am

Chloe quote of the day- "Boys Stink and so do their feet!"

We got rained out again for archery. Which really sucks. Because that means our humidity level is really high and everything is soggy including potato chips, and who wants to eat soggy chips!?

UPDATE- we did get to go and shoot archery! Yeah! Today was my daughter's first time handling a bow on her own and I am so proud of her. She hit the target several times and for the fun shoot, she hit 3 balloons out of 12 tries! And this girl is only 5. WAHOOO!!! I am so proud of her today!

School starts next Monday and I am so excited! I finally got the profile picture all figured out, so now people can see what I look like! Eeeek!

Anywho... we are going to work on a house project today. The kid's rooms need ceiling fans, so my hubby and son are going to put them up. That way there, there is constant air flow and cut down on AC usage for the summer.

Everyone have a great week and a toast to summer! Huzzah!

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