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As we go on, we remember...

lexiarayne's picture
on June 3, 2008 - 11:06am

That's it. I officially graduate on Friday. It feels amazing.

Good things in my life right now:
1. My new laptop lovingly named Winslow. He's awesome.
2. Graduation party money. I have about $2000 waiting to go in the bank. it works for me.
3. BEACH WEEK. a week in North Carolina with my friends and no adults. What could be better? Nothing.
4. Never having to see the people I hate from my high school ever again after Friday. Again, nothing is better.

I think that the most exciting part about graduation is the fact that I can finally go to college and study what I love and what I know i want to do with my life. I am looking forward to the whole thing so much, and I just can't wait.

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