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A Letter to MY heart

jlbrown3711's picture
on June 5, 2008 - 10:28am

Dear Heart,

You know, you have been really something lately. You have taken me on some pretty passionate and emotional rides lately. I am trying to discover what your purpose is for me, and its been tough. All I know is that you have given me life in an unstable world where a simple life can be born or taken away in a blink of an eye.I know you exist because I have felt you beating, I have felt your compassion. For a long time now I had thought you had left me. I didn't care much about anything, especially myself. I didn't know that taking care of myself and you were extremely important. All I had felt for a long time was an empty space within my soul. But time went on and suddenly out of my darkness I found you again. You reached out and reminded me that you were still there. You showed me that there was another heart out there just like you. You told me that time and patients was all I needed to reconnect me to you. Even though I have never been good at having patients, I believed you. But lately I am feeling you beginning to crack and starting to bring back an old familiar pain. You long for something so deeply that is so far away, just out of your reach. You want to reach out to it and pour all of your fragile self into it, but distance gets in the way. How do you continue to beat wanting something so much and not being able to grab on to it? I feel your pain in everything I do. I wish I knew how to repair the crack that lies with in you and remind YOU of the lesson you taught me. Until you do learn that lesson, please take it easy on me. You are driving your owner crazy!


Your owner

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