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feels like summer

laurel's picture
on June 5, 2008 - 5:45pm

It is warm,windy and wonderful here today and I actually have a slight burn from being outdoors.I had a short shift today and an previous patient booked off work so he could spent the afternoon with me and my daughter.We had a blast as this young man is quite funny and entertaining.I worked with him for over two years to help him retrieve most of his previous life prior to his horrific car accident,[he lost his best friend in this accident],so he still has to keep in touch with me on occasion.I feel so happy for him as he endured seven operations,which included rods in bones in the legs,artery grafting and back surgeries.They were going to amputate his foot when he came to the clinic and we insisted that it wasn't necessary and he now walks with both feet.We don't mind the challenge and the time it takes to give people a fair chance to return to most of their life.He is a wonderful young man and I am so proud of him for how he took such an active role in his rehabilitation.It makes my work so worth while when you can give people an opportunity to help themselves.I find my choice of careers so rewarding and the people so wonderful even though they face so very difficult hurdles.How fortunate I am to meet these people and have them trust me to help them find themselves again.

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