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Chloe's graduation is tomorrow!

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on June 5, 2008 - 7:17pm

Chloe is graduating from pre-k to Kindergarten and she is so excited! I think they have little caps and gowns for them. She has been looking forward to this all week. If I get any good shots, I will definitely post them. MAN! I can't believe that in about 8 weeks, my daughter will be starting kindergarten. Look out world... here comes Chloe!

The Tornados are threatening.
The weather here is getting bad, but at least they cancelled the warnings.

Ok, I went ahead and just resigned from work today. They were in shock and disbelief, but they know how important school is to me.

Tomorrow is the early farmers market and I am going to go and see if they have any fresh eggplant so I can make eggplant lasagne and put it into the freezer for individual portions.

I have already done that for my soups and stews. I have about 60 serving of soup/stews already in the freeze.

If I can't find the eggplant, I have several casseroles that I can make and put in the freeze. I am trying to get my family away from so much packaged food and more natural stuff. Chloe and I love going to the farmers markets!

Until next time!

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