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on June 5, 2008 - 9:03pm

Hi everyone,
Life is looking more positive today. Missy received a call late this morning from Group Health ( large health organization in the pacific NW). She got the job that she wanted so desparately!! She is absolutely estatic!! We sat and cried HAPPY tears. She was up front with them in the interview about her dyslexia. She was told that they would help her out with spelling and reading as she needed it. They were more than willing to help her in that area because all her other skills were so excellent they didn't want to let her go. It's a huge burden off her shoulders as well as mine. She probably won't start till the end of the month or first part of next. She'll be working in the gastroenterology dept. Her last job was in gastro but much more limited. Her new jb will entail workng from the throat down so to speak. I won't get into details. LOL The beneifts are awesome and she'll be making more there than she did at her last job. She's planning on taking the bus because she can pick it up across the street from her apartment and be dropped off in front of the building and vice versa. It's about 40 minutes from where we live. NOT BAD!!! I don't have to worry about continuing financial support after this month. What mom's go through with their children. There are rough times and then there are rewarding times. This is a rewarding time. OK,you're talking to a mother who is busting at the seams!!! She's going to be in a career that she truly loves. Not many can say that.

Our situation is still very much up in the air, however someone from the union heard what was going on and gave Dave a call. There may be a way around him losing his benefits and possibly his job.
A new contract was settled on last month and that's what Metro (Dave's job) was going by. Some union lawyers are going to get into the act and do some checking into Dave's situation. They wil get back to him in a few days. So it's called let's play the waiting game. It sounds like there may be hope yet for him. I wish to thank you Nessa, Colette, Melissa, Maureen and anyone else I failed to mention for all your prayers and support.

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

Love and Hugs,

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