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on June 6, 2008 - 6:59am

a thankyou card from a patient today. I am currently covering a few other peoples jobs as well as mine at the moment. This means that on a Tuesday and Friday Pm I have to reception the private patient unit within my department. Well on Tuesday, I had Josh playing on my PC as I was booking the patients in and a couple of them asked me who was singing. Josh Groban I said - both of them said they'd never heard of him (I can't believe he's still not that well known in the U.K although I'm doing my best to spread the word). Anyway one of the patients came back this afternoon for a follow up and said she'd gone out to buy one of his CD's 'Awake' because I'd said what a great voice he had. She loves the CD and gave me a thankyou card (how nice is that) for introducing her to his voice. She also asked me what other CD's he's got so I wrote them all down for her. I know she's going to enjoy listening to them!

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