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it's friday---what's not to love about that???

lindyjean's picture
on June 6, 2008 - 1:00pm

so, i see josh is flying back to london to do the nelson mandella show. i wonder, what does he do with all those hours in the air? it seems it's not quiet enough for him to work on music. does he read? does he sleep? does he talk to other passengers, if he's alone? we've seen a lot of pix of him alone. if i was on the plane with him, i'd try to keep him occupied for the entire flight!!! wonder what the flight attendents do? wonder if they flirt with him, offer to fluff his pillow and bring him stuff? more than the other passengers, i mean. wonder if he just plugs in his ipod and plays video games.....
how'd you like to have josh beside you for a flight from one continent to another? talk about a captive audience!
only one and a half more weeks of school, then i'm out for two months. wow....that's so i've said before, this is my first year working in a school, so the first time i've gotten this kind of time off. i just hope i have a job to return to. budget cuts with education---thanks, arnold, you lying sack of s**t---this is how you put education first, huh??? i'd hate to see if it wasn't your "top priority". not just because i might lose my job, but because you have to invest in kids', not scrimp and whittle away at their opportunities. pay now in education, or pay later in prisons and welfare. guess you won't have to worry about it. in 20 years, you'll either be dead or living fat off your other enterprises (or kennedy money). my kids will be paying for the prisons, and their kids will be the victims of the mess you've allowed to grow. we believed you, and you you've let us down big time.
okay, didn't see that coming. sorry for the rant.
hope you all have a splendid weekend, and can find something fun to do not far from home....gas prices...ugh!

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